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Let the toy speak and experience innovative interactive learning.

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Welcome to the world of the future, where your favorite toys can converse and interact with you.

Octopus is a revolutionary product that can transform any ordinary toy into an intelligent conversational toy. This compact and lightweight chip can easily be inserted into any type of toy, whether it's a plush toy, plastic toy, or wooden toy, adapting effortlessly.

$79 per kit(shipment covered)

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Fully embodies playability.

Not only does it enhance the playability of toys, but more importantly, it allows children and parents to customize the toy's functionalities, creating a unique playmate.

Octopus breathes life into toys, enabling them to interact with children, answer questions, tell stories, and even assist in learning tasks. This not only makes the toys more engaging but also encourages children to interact with them, thereby enhancing their playability.

  • Strong compatibility
  • Strong interactivity
  • Combining education and entertainment

$79 per kit(shipment covered)

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