FoloToy AI

AI chip for Mi Bunny.

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Adapting the AI chip for Mi Bunny

Transforming the modified Mi Bunny into your intelligent assistant and loyal companion for work, study, and leisure.

By combining advanced artificial intelligence technology with the adorable appearance of Mi Bunny, adapting Mi Bunny offers users a whole new experience of interacting with artificial intelligence

$49 per kit(shipment covered)

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Built-in Multiple Roles

Multiple Roles, multiple voices. Catering to different needs.

The modified Mi Bunny not only possesses powerful core functionalities but also comes with built-in multiple roles to meet your various needs and expectations. These roles are designed to provide personalized services, allowing for customized interactions based on your preferences and requirements, whether it's for work, study, or leisure.

  • Interactive Multi-Role Experience
  • Customization Supported
  • Continuous Updates

$49 per kit(shipment covered)

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