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Small Box, Big Wisdom, Making Toys Fun

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Compact and Lightweight

Smart Conversation Box, a New Way for Kids to Play with Toys

Magicbox makes children's toys smarter! Our smart conversation box can be easily installed on any toy, allowing kids to interact and have conversations with their beloved toys. Whether it's educational toys, plush toys, or toy robots, with simple installation, it brings a whole new playing experience for kids.

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy Installation

$109 per kit(shipment covered)

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Small Size, Great Intelligence

Integrated AI conversation chip, microphone, and speaker. Eliminate the hassle of assembly

Magicbox , equipped with an integrated AI conversation chip, can engage in intelligent conversations with children, answering questions, telling stories, playing music, and even participating in role-playing games. The well-designed microphone and speaker ensure clear voice communication and high-quality audio output. Additionally, specially designed buttons allow children to easily activate the conversation box for interactive play with their toys.

$109 per kit(shipment covered)

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