FoloToy AI

Same appearance, different experience

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Creating with the Genuine Alilo Bunny G6

Whether it's work, study, or leisure, Fofo is here to be your smart assistant and faithful companion.

Fofo is a transformed, AI-powered conversational robot. It combines advanced AI technology with an adorable Fire Bunny appearance, offering users a brand new experience.

$129 per kit(shipment covered)

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Built-in Multiple Roles

Not only does it possess powerful core functionalities, but it also comes with multiple built-in characters to meet your diverse needs and expectations.

These roles provide users with a rich variety of experiences and interactive modes, ensuring that they always explore fresh and exciting content. This innovative approach not only enhances the play experience but also fosters a dynamic and captivating interactive environment, keeping users engaged and entertained.

  • Interactive Multi-Role Experience
  • Customization Supported
  • Continuous Updates

$129 per kit(shipment covered)

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Easy to use

Simply by tapping the record button in the center.

No longer confined to the traditional "question and answer" mode, our innovative AI brings toys to life. It remembers your conversation context and engages in authentic and entertaining dialogues, as if interacting with a real human.

  • Natural language conversations
  • Understanding and remembering conversation context

$129 per kit(shipment covered)

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