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We warmly welcome the participation of partners and the support of investors! Whether you are looking to collaborate with us in developing new products or are interested in the future prospects of our company, we look forward to establishing a close working relationship with you.

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AI Toy Manufacturer

Our proud product line includes "Fofo," "Cactus," and "Kola," each embodying our passion for technology and entertainment.

In this digital age, our team continuously explores and innovates, striving to integrate the most advanced artificial intelligence technology into our products to provide users with unique interactive experiences. Whether it's "Fofo" telling you fantastic stories in the silent night or "Kola" accompanying you through leisurely times, our toys can add a touch of fun and warmth to your life.

Plush Toy Solutions

Suitable for homes, children's educational institutions, toy stores, and other venues, providing users with innovative toy interactive experiences, allowing children to learn and grow through play.

Transforming ordinary plush toys into intelligent AI interactive toys, providing users with unprecedented interactive experiences. Equipped with advanced speech recognition and natural language processing technologies, the toys can understand user commands, answer questions, and tell stories, combining entertainment and educational elements to offer users a fun and educational interactive experience.

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AI Chip Provider

We not only offer shell customization but also provide the option to directly order high-quality AI conversation chips, enabling your product to have unique intelligent interactive capabilities.

Our AI conversation chips integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, possessing powerful speech recognition and natural language processing capabilities, enabling intelligent dialogue interaction with users. Whether you aim to add smart functionalities to existing products or create entirely new intelligent devices, our AI conversation chips can meet your needs.