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Embrace with Love, Enjoy with Joy

FoloToy a collection of AI Conversation toys that harnesses the latest AI technology and the power of love ♥️. you can personally create a one-of-a-kind toy character, bringing limitless joy to your loved ones.

Astronaut in the air

Engage in Conversations with the Latest AI

Our AI Conversation Toy utilizes cutting-edge AI technology, boasting exceptional language comprehension and generation capabilities. It can understand your questions, answer your inquiries, and provide an enjoyable conversational experience.

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Interactive Learning

Our AI Conversation Toy is more than just a toy. It's an educational tool and an interactive learning experience.

We firmly believe that our AI Conversation Toy will bring you endless joy and surprises. Don't hesitate, let our AI Conversation Toy be your intelligent companion, taking you into a whole new world of conversation!

  • Cutting-edge AI technology
  • Personalized interaction
  • Multidisciplinary knowledge
  • User-friendly
  • Continuous updates and improvements
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Diverse roles

multi-roles, multi-disciplinary—let our AI toys take you on a journey through the world of knowledge and creativity!

Our AI toys come with a variety of built-in roles, each with their unique traits and advantages, offering users different experiences and interactive modes.

  • Learning Mentor Role
  • Storyteller Role
  • Language Translator Role

How to use FoloToy

Discover the wonders of FoloToy, your key to infinite possibilities! Our intelligent toy is designed for effortless use, allowing you to engage in fun and intelligent conversations with ease. No complicated setup required, simply power it on, connect to the internet, and start enjoying the pleasure of interacting with our product.

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Lightweight and portable

Fofo - Creating with the Genuine ALio Bunny G6

Compact yet powerful, our product is a stunning mini device! Despite its small size, it holds boundless potential and functionality.

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Easy to use

No additional setup once paired.

Connect to the internet after powering on: In the product's settings menu, connect to your WiFi network and you're way to go

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Built-in multiple roles

Whether you're a professional or an enthusiast, our diverse character prompts provide customized guidance and feedback just for you.

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AI Conversation Chip

Unleash the Power of AI in Your Toys

Prepare to be amazed as your toys come to life with intelligent functionality and interactive experiences like never before.

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Calling all professionals

Our AI toy platform empowers you to build your own server, seamlessly connecting your AI toys to a world of endless customization.

One More Thing

AI Conversation Chip

We are proud to unveil our groundbreaking innovation, the AI Conversation Chip. Prepare to be amazed! With this remarkable advancement, you can now equip any toy with the ability to engage in intelligent conversations with humans.

Create Interactive Experiences

The AI Conversation Chip enables toys to engage in fascinating interactions, providing a more immersive and authentic play experience.

Strengthen Emotional Connections

With the AI Conversation Chip, toys can establish emotional connections with users, becoming companions and friends through dialogue and interaction.

Expand Toy Functionality

Equipping toys with the AI Conversation Chip unlocks new functionalities and possibilities, making them more diverse and enjoyable.

Let's Create Future Together

Join our beta testing program and help us create the future of toys together!