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high-definition OLED screen

Expressing emotions through their eyes just like us

Kola is an innovative AI conversational toy with a high-definition OLED screen that displays text and expressions, as well as emotions through its eyes. It allows you to feel its emotional state more deeply. When you communicate with kola, you can see its eyes change on the display, bringing it closer to real human communication.

  • high-definition OLED screen
  • Latest AI dialog chip
  • Brand new look
Feature Image
Deeper Understanding of Conversational Emotions

More than just a robot answering questions

Kola has advanced emotion recognition technology that accurately captures and interprets emotional changes in conversations. It is able to analyze the nuances of speech and language to understand the emotions and intentions you are expressing. Whether you are happy, sad, excited or confused, it can sense and empathize with you.

  • Emotional understanding
  • Multi-Role Interaction
  • Efficient Language Comprehension and Generation
  • Personalized Interaction

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